Nearly here..

Posted on Tuesday 7th July 2015

Hi guys, its only 9 weeks until September 1st, which for you student landlords and agencies can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Checkout appointments, refurbs, cleaning and then check in’s make this one of the most busy periods of the year. Here at BedeBrooke we are use to this hussle and bussle and offer some great tips.

  1. Check¬†– ¬†Make sure you have an action plan, if you haven’t done so already get in your property and do a visual check to see what renovations/changes are needed to get your property back to where it should.
  2. Plan – Once you have figured out what needs to be done, plan the works in. Its no good asking a local painter to come to your property the day before a check in and do a quick job. The likelihood is like you they are going to be busy.
  3. Inspect – Once the planned work is carried out, inspect it! You would do this in your home, so why wouldn’t you your rental property? Make sure the work is good, and if it isn’t… get the tradesman back.
  4. Clean – Before the move in make sure your property is clean.
  5. Communicate – If at any point you fall behind on the work/cleaning, make sure you let your tenants know, well informed tenants coming to your property with expectations that will not be met does not always go down well.

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