COVID19 – Viewing Information

A selection of our properties can already be viewed virtually online via our Video Tours however when this is not possible and if you are living in the home you are selling or renting, you will obviously  have some reservations in letting people through your door.  Whilst we fully understand how you may feel, we do believe this can be done in a safe way. We have updated our Covid-19 Procedures which are set out below:

No more than one viewing appointment can be attended at any one time with a maximum of two people in attendance along with the Owner/Agent.

Social Distancing must be always adhered to.

Gloves must be worn together with face masks by all parties concerned.  Failure to do so will result in non-entry to the property.

The Seller/Agent will ensure all doors are open in order to limit any contact within the property and will remain outside of the property during the appointment. 

All viewers will be required to answer questions over the phone or to electronically sign a Health Declaration to confirm they are experiencing No Coronavirus symptoms, have not tested positive for Coronavirus, are not self-isolating or have been exposed to anyone displaying these symptoms.  The Declaration will be emailed to all viewers when appointments are arranged. 

All tenants wishing to view any rental properties must be proceedable and financially qualified.  Our team can run through this process at the appointment booking stage. 

Those viewing a home to purchase should at a minimum have their property on the market and ideally be ‘proceedable’ i.e. only those who have sold their property (SSTC or Completed), have the cash to proceed without selling, are first time buyers or are living in rental property will be permitted to view.  For our clients selling, the guidelines are our recommendation only, which we feel will reduce any unnecessary exposure however, let us know if you do want to continue to let non proceedable people view and we will act upon your instructions. 

I hope you will appreciate, we have been operating with skeleton staff and our team have been working remotely from home and this new legislation has been sprung upon us we need time to re-integrate our team back to work. We also have a significant back log of viewing and valuation requests over the last few weeks and we would appreciate your patience and understanding as we workt through this.