HMO Management

Opt for peace of mind in managing your HMO properties by partnering with Bedebrooke. Our specialised HMO landlord services are designed to offer you comprehensive support at competitive rates. We're committed to simplifying the complexities of HMO management, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

We have YOU covered!

Get the right plan in place.

Exploring the potential income from a well-established and proficiently managed HMO reveals it can match or even surpass the returns of four to five single-let properties. Effective HMO management stands out as a superior investment approach in the property sector, offering significant financial benefits.

Picking the right agent.

When choosing an agent to manage your HMO, don’t choose a high street agent that just rents out your avage property, make sure that you choose an HMO focused agency, where they are well versed in managing HMOs.

We know what it takes.

We are property investors and Landlords ourselves, who have been specialising in the HMO sector since 2006, this has given us a unique understanding from all sides, of what it takes to make HMO management work.

Keeping your investment safe!

Tenant vetting, complaince and maintenance... This is just part of keeping your investment safe and profitable.

Your HMO Manager

As previously highlighted, managing HMOs is a complex, detail-oriented, and compliance-heavy task. A proficient HMO Manager must possess exceptional administrative abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and an abundance of common sense. They must navigate the intricacies of constantly evolving compliance and legislation, communicate clearly and effectively, demonstrate high emotional intelligence, excel in administrative tasks, and approach their role with realism and patience.

Our Manager is a true standout, excelling in communication with all parties, serving as our compliance expert, and possessing the skill to re-pressurise a boiler with their eyes closed (almost). She has elevated tenant selection to an art, playing a key role in our near-zero vacancy rates. Her ability to be adored by tenants while juggling these responsibilities is truly a remarkable talent!