Get £100 for every friend you refer!

Introduce your friends and family to Bedebrooke and we will pay you £100 for every referral!

It really is that simple. Whenever you refer a friend or family member to Bedebrooke, we will reward you with £100 every time you do… And you can do it as many times as you like! There’s no horrible small print; how it works is simple:

    1. – Refer your friend or family member to us
    2. – Make sure they mention you referred us!
    3. – We will pay you £100 once their sale completes

Nice and easy.

What are you waiting for! If your friends or family would benefit from our advice, ask them to give us a call on 0191 511 8093 or alternatively visit our Contact us page. 

Ways you can refer:

There’s lots of ways you can refer your friends and family to us, including:

– Share our website

– Give them our email or phone number
– Introduce us in person
– Introduce us via email

It doesn’t really matter how you do it! Just get them to mention you were the person responsible for ending up at Bedebrooke and we will reward you.


Limitless Referrals.

You can refer as many people as you like! Every time they complete, you get £100!


What’s in it for me?


We will pay you £100 every time your referral completes. It’s that simple.


Limitless Referrals.

Yes. We will only pay you a referral fee for when a sale you referred completes.

Terms and Conditions

♦ Once your friend/family member completes on their property sale through our company, you will receive £100 cash.

♦ No alternative reward and reward is non-transferable.

♦ No maximum number of referrals but only one reward per friend/family member.

♦ If the same referral is made by different clients, only the first will receive the reward.