Please note that if your application fails or is withdrawn, the cost is non refundable. Below is a description of the fees you may be charged.

Tenant fee More Info
Student tenancy set up £150
Private tenancy set up 50% monthly rental cost + VAT Eg If the monthly rent was £500, the fee would be £300 Inclusive of VAT
Additional fees which may be applicable to some tenants …
Student check out fee £30
Private check out fee £60
Extension fee (private let) £36
Tenancy cancellation fee £100

Administration fee

What is the administration fee?

The tenancy set up fee includes the cost of referencing – which will cover checking your credit status, previous employer, current or past landlords, and taking into account any other information to help assess the affordability of your tenancy application. The fee also includes providing a Tenancy Agreement and protecting your security deposit with The Deposit Protection Service.

When do I pay the administration fee?

After a viewing and when you have decided to apply for the property. We will provide you with a Tenancy Application form. You will then be asked for your administration fee.

What other fees may be payable

Check out fee

Some landlords ask BedeBrooke to produce an inventory for their property before the let. Where this applies, you will be liable for a check out fee when the inspection at the end of the tenancy is carried out. If applicable, the check out report forms an important part of how the return of your security deposit is arranged. Please feel free to ask our staff if this would apply to you.

Extension fee

This is the cost of preparing a new Tenancy Agreement and negotiating with your landlord for a further fixed term tenancy. Extending your tenancy, if agreed by your landlord, gives an assurance of staying in the property for a further fixed period, and avoids the uncertainty of a landlord serving notice at any given time.