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We know full well how daunting the prospect of selling a home can be. That’s why at BedeBrooke we’re committed to making the process as hassle free and low cost as possible, so that you can focus on your next steps. Sound good? Request a free property valuation today.

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Why sell with us at Bedebrooke?

We believe that there’s no better choice than Bedebrooke, here’s why:

  • Unlike most agents, Bedebrooke doesn’t charge a percentage of the sale price. Choose to sell with us and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a straightforward, no-fuss fixed fee, which could save you thousands. We simply think it’s fairer that way.
  • We’re here to see you through each step of the process, facilitating all of the moving parts and making sure you understand it all clearly as we go. Check out our 10 step sellers guide to see what exactly we could be doing for you.
  • As an independent family run and owned estate agency, we at BedeBrooke are committed to taking care of your interests so that you always feel your needs are being met. We’ll always listen, and what’s more important than that?
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Need help with selling? We've got you covered

At Bedebrooke, our agency was founded on the simple belief in doing things the right way. For us, this means putting your needs first and ensuring the sale of your property runs as smoothly as possible, whilst costing you only a fraction of what other agencies may charge.

Sellers guide

Selling your home means taking a step towards a big change, understandably therefore it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task to undertake.

We don’t think anyone should be left feeling in the dark through this process, so we’ve put together a handy 10 step guide to selling your property.

Sellers guide

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